Fortified Range

South Africa's sweet wines helped put the country on the international wine map way back when the Dutch East India Company sailors learned that the Cape of Good Hope wasn't only a pit-stop for fresh fruit and vegetables. Since the 18th century, the most common kind of fortified wine from South Africa was called Cape Port (produced from Portuguese varieties). Year after year we produce award winning port-style Cape Ruby along with other well-known South African sweet wines like Hanepoot Jerepigo (from Muscat d'Alexandria) and Red Muscadel (from Muscat d'Frontignan). The category remains consistently strong in South Africa and is affectionately called 'soetes' in Afrikaans.

Our wines are sold exclusively per case (six bottles) online, so the prices reflect a case.

SHIPPING: R130 for 1-2 cases | R230 for 3-4 cases | FREE SHIPPING for all orders over R1,000